June 16, 2014



Commercial Letterpress and Offset Printing since 1924

We are a full service printer that can handle all your printing needs. Whether it is traditional offset printing or unique letterpress work, we can print everything from Business Cards to stationery and color brochures.

We can help with all you Election needs too.  We can take care or your ballot printing, Absentee Envelopes, Precinct Envelopes and campaign material. Through our partnership with Atlantic Election Services, we offer voting equipment sales and services.

If you are looking for the Union Label, we are an Allied Trades Union Printer, so give us a call.

For inquires e-mail jay@benjfranklinprinting.com

Buster and Stella, our office protection system

Buster and Stella, our office protection system

Picture of our office protection system…

“More Dogs of War” by Michael Daniels…. bmichaeldaniels.com

yes, that is “Snoopy” going down in flames! See Buster and Stella’s real photo here.